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Technological Advancements are Reshaping the Way Hospitality Businesses Operate in 2024

We ponder what lies in the offing for the hospitality industry in 2024 in a freewheeling conversation 

Words by Sakshi Dhingra 

Even to those of us that know her well, unravelling the mysteries of India remains a challenge. With its heady mix of tradition, modernity, celebrations, landscapes, and architecture, trying to wrap one’s head around India is no mean feat. But hospitality professionals must stay top on top of all things India, and what the future portends. And to get a better understanding of that, we chat with Abishek Chandran, Cluster Director of Marketing & Communications at the Hilton Goa Resort and DoubleTree by Hilton Goa for his take on things. 

How do you perceive the overall landscape of the hospitality industry evolving in 2024, and what major trends do you anticipate? 

The hospitality industry will experience a significant evolution in 2024, driven by various factors such as shifting consumer preferences, technological advancements, and a growing focus on sustainability. Major trends we anticipate include the continued rise of digitaliSation in guest experiences, increased emphasis on health and safety protocols post-pandemic, the integration of artificial intelligence and data analytics to personalise guest services, and a strong commitment to sustainability practices throughout the industry. 
Are there specific technological advancements that you believe will significantly impact the way hospitality businesses operate this year? 

Absolutely, technological advancements are reshaping the way hospitality businesses operate in 2024. We anticipate significant impacts from innovations such as augmented reality for virtual tours and immersive experiences, contactless technologies for streamlined check-in/check-out processes, and the use of IoT devices for smart room management and energy efficiency. 

How has the hospitality sector leveraged technology and innovation to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency in 2024? 

In 2024, the hospitality sector has leveraged technology and innovation to enhance both guest experiences and operational efficiency. This includes the use of AI-powered chatbots for personalized guest interactions, mobile apps for seamless booking and communication, and the integration of data analytics to optimize pricing and inventory management. 

How is sustainability integrated into the core values and operations of your hotel in 2024? 

At Hilton Goa Resort and DoubleTree by Hilton Goa – Arpora – Baga, sustainability is deeply ingrained in our core values and operations in 2024. We understand the importance of preserving the environment for future generations and strive to minimise our ecological footprint in every aspect of our business. 
Can you share examples of sustainable initiatives or practices that the hotel has implemented to address environmental concerns? 

Some examples of sustainable initiatives and practices we have implemented include: 

  • Implementing energy-efficient lighting and appliances throughout the resort 
  • Collaborating with Sundar, an NGO specialising in recycling used soaps from guest rooms to improve hygiene in the rural and backward communities  
  • Partnering with local suppliers to source organic and locally produced ingredients for our restaurants, reducing food miles and supporting the community 
  • Engaging in waste management programs to recycle and compost where possible, minimizing landfill waste 

What challenges do you foresee for the hospitality industry in 2024, and how has your hotel prepared to address these challenges? 

Looking ahead, we anticipate several challenges for the hospitality industry in 2024, including ongoing uncertainties related to global events, increasing competition, and the need to adapt to rapidly evolving consumer preferences. At Hilton Goa Resort and DoubleTree by Hilton Goa – Arpora – Baga, we are prepared to address these challenges by staying agile, continuously innovating our offerings, and maintaining a strong focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences while upholding our commitment to sustainability and community engagement. 

A tiny slice of pocket-sized paradise, the Hilton Goa Resort in Candolim is located on the Saipem hills, overlooking the Nerul River. With four outdoor pools, a kids club, and a fitness centre, the resort is close to key North Goa attractions, including Aguada Fort, Sinquerim, Ozran, and Vagator are easily accessible. With both Goa Airports a 60-minute drive away, it’s call out to you to enjoy a heady mix of sun, sea, sand, seafood, and Susegad. 


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