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Social Media vs. Reality: Bridging the Gap

Of late, I have been analysing the behavioural change related to the persistent urge to post and the want to be liked by everyone. There is often a huge difference between contrived online personas and authentic life.

We don’t have to go very far to witness this. Just look at the people we meet with on a regular basis. I recently attended the Kalaghoda art festival, and while there were installations, paintings, pottery, and theatre, all we did was shoot selfies with everything around us. Most people didn’t bother reading the idea / brief for the installation, which was supposed to represent something and was for a good cause. Blindly yearning to be where the world is doesn’t get us very far; as they say, realization is half the battle won.

The ideal man

Girls often want to catch up and discuss their lives, especially with their school friends. One friend who isn’t married has a long list of men she wants to marry. However, most girls are looking for a trophy to satisfy their wants and needs, rather than a husband who loves them unconditionally. The judgment that comes with meeting every guy and just seeing flaws does not make you appear good, but let’s be honest, none of us are flawless; not you, not me, and not everyone. Why be a princess when you may be your own Juliet and become your own trophy?

Compete with yourself instead

This gal was formerly an intern, and look where she is now. She must have done something to get there so soon. Really? Those who wish to be successful should learn how to work, devise growth methods, and network with individuals they respect. Women are always observing one another’s life, including what they dress, who they are with, and how they may compete with one another. Live and let live; we all have our own problems to deal with, and you don’t have to be anyone else if you can be your most authentic self.

Freedom of Speech and Action

A recent criminal tale included a boy stabbing a girl for blocking him on Facebook. If we are overly pleasant, we are sluts; if we do not talk, this is what occurs. The entire world is debating gender identity and shouting for freedom. Is this how girls can protect themselves from bad boys? Dear Parents, please teach your sons how to act around women.

Peaches & Pears

Purchasing the latest fashion trends based only on celebrity appearance and planned wear dates. Hello! Wakeup. We are not paid to appear well, these clothes are not from their own closet, and you do not go as many paid-for parties as celebrities do. 4 Your body type is unique; you do not need to squeeze into someone else’s shoes, especially if you know it will bite your pocket.

Cosmetics should not be used excessively or to conceal flaws

When you are introduced to spirituality, the first rule is to be naked to yourself, exposing all of your imperfections and accepting them. I’ve known people virtually my whole life (not that I’m old) who put on makeup as soon as they wake up and are ready. It’s okay to experience breakouts, pigmentation, dark spots, and stretch marks. It shapes who you are, and believe me, your confidence will only grow when you understand that you were always gorgeous and that you wouldn’t need cosmetics for anything, at least not in the world. Pamper yourself every now and then.


Hey! I didn’t need to phone to see how you’re doing because I saw your Instagram story and you looked great. Where’s the personal connection gone? We attempt to go half-way to ensure that the friendship is valued, but if you have friends who do not put in the other half of the effort, it is not worthwhile. If I needed an Instagram friend, why would I need you? Make calls to those you care about; no one wants you to call everyone every day, but if you have close pals, connect once or twice a quarter. Make sure there is reciprocation; otherwise, it is best to let them go. Nothing positive will come of it.

These are only a few of the experiences you’ve noticed or projected onto yourself. If you want to alter your life, you must have a fresh perspective and avoid becoming poisoned by what the world is doing. Please take breaks. Look at social media as a source of amusement; you won’t get Hritik Roshan because you’re not Saba Azad. You are pure gold, without any filters, unlike the cosmetic girls on Instagram. Spending time with oneself will help you understand who you truly are. You do not need a screen to validate your journey. You do You!


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