Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Hi! I'm

Karan Karayi


A Pulitzer Prize. Graduating Harvard magna cum laude. Being a TedX speaker at the tender age of 18. I have achieved none of these things.

I believe I had my textual awakening at an impressionable age when I chanced upon Haddaway’s smash hit, “What is Love?”, playing on the radio. The depth of its poetic philosophy moved my soul and stirred something deep within. Nonetheless, such feelings remained dormant until much later in life, when I promptly discarded my then freshly-printed MBA degree to become a full-time journalist straight out of grad school. Consultants and management firms everywhere are said to have celebrated this move with great glee.

In the ensuing years, I have dabbled in writing in all its shapes and forms (yes, even SEO writing, unfortunately), with my career having seen me work in such diverse sectors as media and entertainment, advertising, academia, edtech, fashion, and much more that I have almost certainly forgotten about.

These formative experiences, including my lengthy stint (by my standards) at Times Group, have shaped my mind into something of a kaleidoscope, capable of interpreting many patterns and hues and seeing beauty in organised chaos. I’d like to believe I have marched firmly to the beat of my own drum, and as Editor-in-Chief of Team Marksmen Network, I aim to deliver insightful and engaging content that titillates and delights in equal measure.

Because, to quote the poet-philosopher Haddaway, this is our life, our time. Join us on this rollercoaster journey as we seek to make the most of it. I hope to capture your imagination as we seek to make sense of the next big story and chase the creative thrill of presenting it to you in a way you haven’t seen before.

Hi! I'm

Sakshi Dhingra

Senior Editor

A multifaceted storyteller, Sakshi Dhingra weaves narratives with finesse and captivates audiences across diverse domains. Her versatility shines through her work in media, events, and various verticals such as BFSI, Healthcare, Leadership, Education, and more.

Sakshi's storytelling prowess is on full display as she crafts engaging tales that leave readers spellbound. Her tenure at the India Leadership Council saw a remarkable 30% surge in engagement, a testament to her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. Her journey has seen her don various hats, such as at the Times Prestigious Schools Exhibition, where she was a sales expert, event orchestrator, content alchemist, and client whisperer.

Armed with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising and PR from Welingkar's Institute and a Bachelor's in Mass Media, Sakshi possesses a formidable skillset in communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and meeting deadlines with unwavering dedication.

What sets Sakshi apart is her ability to think outside the box and an unwavering belief that every story deserves a unique and captivating touch. With her varied talents and storytelling prowess, Sakshi promises an engaging and enriching experience for all who cross paths with her.