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LinkedIn Wellness: Inspiring Healthy Habits and Personal Growth in the Professional Realm”

There was a time when LinkedIn was only used to find a job, update your current job status, or probably reach out to a potential employer. However, as they all say, ‘LinkedIn is the new Instagram’. We share our travel stories where we promote work-life balance, talk about taking career breaks to pursue a hobby, or advocate for leadership styles that we believe in. While most of us appreciate the engagement that the platform provides, we have noticed a shift in the types of postings that are being sent out, particularly after the epidemic, where healthy behaviours have taken centre stage. You’ll see posts ranging from pregnancy at work and how to keep healthy, to losing weight at 70, or even training for a marathon. Certainly, these hobbies teach you a lot about management, and can be a great source of inspiration for the entire year.

Consider Mayank from Upgrad, who blogged earlier this year on how fantastic it was to achieve a personal goal. Or Prateek Sinha, who is an ardent skater in addition to working for PwC, or Dr. Manan Vohra, who has been offering insights on health falsehoods we’ve been believing for years. Shibani Ghayat’s posts clearly strike the right balance between work and me time, as she encourages the world to run no matter what the day brings; you can see the glow on her face after the adrenaline rush, and Mr Prashant Desai, who shares his transformation journey from then to now, has some lovely ways of putting his point across through his personal photos and anecdotes.

Some on LinkedIn beautifully blurring the boundaries between personal and professional, and this perhaps symbolises a shift in the broader digital culture, with people expressing themselves more authentically on social media, through thoughtful, reflective content. Clearly, treading the thin line between sharing and over-sharing is not for everyone, but some do it better than most.


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