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Amazon Wants a Slice of the Food Delivery Pie

Aer almost two years spent piloting its offering in Bengaluru, Amazon Food maybe headed for Pune next. ­e conglomerate that has devoured all before it, and its logistical chops make it seem like a sure-fire winner. But the failures of Amazon Local, Daily Dish, and Amazon Restaurants in the US and UK prove it isn’t always smooth sailing, and will make things interesting for sure.

­The high burn, low profit model that reigns supreme in the food delivery business has already consumed Foodpanda and Uber Eats, so it might not be long before we see Amazon roll out its international strategy of acquiring stakes in food delivery companies and bundling those services with Prime. ­is would serve to broaden the breadth of Amazon’s offering, and draw upon their biggest strengths of logistical expertise and the wide-ranging array of services available under Prime. Let’s see if Amazon Food sticks the landing with this delivery.



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