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Putting People First

An NTPC spokesperson elaborates why organisations must walk the talk on standing by its people.

Creating a Preferred Workplace

India is at present the fastest-growing major economy in the world. NTPC, as the country’s largest power producer, plays a central role in this growth story by lighting up people’s lives and electrifying economic activity. Hence, it is imperative for NTPC to ensure high levels of operational excellence and take necessary steps to ensure its continued success at a time when the global energy landscape is facing severe challenges.

We realize that we need to be creative in our talent acquisition and talent management strategies to have the required skills we need to succeed as a future-ready workforce is the best hedge against the disruptions of the VUCA world. ­is especially significant when we consider that NTPC is venturing into renewables and emerging ‑elds like energy storage, solar, thermal, carbon capture, green hydrogen, and so on.

NTPC, therefore, endeavours to have the right induction strategy to have the right talent and has brought about a change in its approach aligned with the change in business realities. From “building our own timber”, NTPC is shifting to “Build, Buy, Borrow, Share” approach. ­e lead time of Recruitment cycles is being shortened to meet business needs by leveraging technology while at the same time providing equal opportunity to all. In a bid to enhance women representation, NTPC had launched a special recruitment drive in 2021 only for women executives. NTPC has implemented an Internal Talent Marketplace for democratizing work opportunities and promoting workforce agility.

NTPC continuously endeavours to provide a compelling career proposition to its employees with purposeful engagement through people-centric initiatives, such as using a contemporary Performance Management System with continuous assessment, focussed L&D initiatives, Competency Assessments, Samarth modules for facilitating job rotation, fair and transparent Career Development & Succession Planning System, and a holistic Leadership Development System, besides progressive and supportive people policies.

In order to make employees Future Ready with respect to New Digital Technologies like AI/ML, NTPC has provided them online access through NASSCOM’s FutureSkills Prime Portal. Customized courses on Energy Storage Systems, Solar ­Thermal Technologies and Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration have been started in association with IIT Mumbai to meet the requirements of NTPC in the context of emerging business opportunities, GOI thrust areas and the company’s expansion and diversification plans.

­The Secret Sauce of Happy Workplaces

­e biggest takeaway of the COVID-19 Pandemic has been the realization that Employee Well Being is the most important ingredient of this secret sauce. In NTPC, we have taken many initiatives for securing safety, social security, welfare and emotional well-being of employees, even going beyond the norms. It is important to understand that employee well-being comprises both, physical and mental well-being. NTPC has a 24×7 Help Line Number called SNEHAL for any kind of emotional assistance for employees as well as their family members.

­The second important ingredient in the secret sauce is career and growth opportunity. With millennials coming into the organization, organizations must enable inclusive performance culture for building and sustaining high performance teams. Providing lifelong learning opportunities and inculcating and sustaining a sense of purpose, belongingness and organizational pride is critical.

­The third important ingredient in the secret sauce is an enabling organizational culture. An organization which stands on the foundation of good teams, familial culture and belongingness always has an edge over others. Building Trust, generating organizational pride, promoting diversity and inclusiveness will be important in the times to come.



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