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Roblox is Coming of Age

Roblox, which exploded into the limelight thanks to its craze among pre-teens, is quietly growing up. In an effort to broaden its appeal, Roblox is making several changes to cater to an older demographic, such as using immersive ads, proximity voice chat, and facial capture for realistic avatars. It’s also offering greater controls, checks, and balances by enforcing age verification, content filtering, and granular parental controls for under-13 users.

Wildly popular among pre-teens in America, Roblox emerged into the public consciousness when talk of the Metaverse took hold of the world. In one swoop, it went from being a mere sandbox game to a platform hosting interconnected worlds. But with this greater attention came a focus on its darker side; some used it to recreate mass shootings, while others used it to financially exploit minors. Now, with the clear split between usage for pre-teens and adults, the platform is coming of age.

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