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TRAI cracks the whip on spam calls & SMSes

Tired of receiving a peskily large amount of calls and SMSes from overly eager marketers? Well, good news. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has your back, and has announced measures that use Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning technology, and spam detection systems to curb these pesky intrusions from unregistered telemarketers.

An increasingly large number of people are complaining regarding unsolicited commercial communication and spam messages and calls. A recent survey by community social media platform LocalCircles showed that six in 10 people have reported personal data breach by their loan service providers, while four in 10 people have pointed fingers towards insurance providers or banks.

Last year, a report by Truecaller showed that India ranked fourth in the list of most-spammed countries, with 93.5% of this classified as telemarketing calls. In fact, more than 202 million spam calls in India were made by one spammer alone. That’s a finger numbing 27,000 calls every hour, and over 664,000 calls a day. About time we did something about it.



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