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Creating long-term success

Technology has transformed an array of industries immeasurably. What is the must-dos in your playbook to ensure Testo enjoys sustained long-term success?

To understand our ways of operating in this fast-moving technology driven industry, we would like to share our growth story i.e. where we’re coming from, our niches and offerings, the efforts we’ve taken to maintain a leadership position, achievements, and how we define success. These are the few things in our playbook we pursue to keep us from losing momentum.

Where we’re coming from (growth story):

Testo as it exists today was founded as the Department of Thermometer Development in a branch factory of the Atmos Fritsching & Co. GmbH Viernheim in 1957. As the measuring range of the thermometer widened, testo also deviated from the medical measuring instruments widening its horizons and started manufacturing devices for refrigeration, air-conditioning, and environmental technology, for emission and flue gas analysis, as well as for measuring interior air and food quality. Testo SE & Co KGaA is now a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic portable test and measuring instruments.

Established in 2006, Testo India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co KGaA has shown phenomenal growth over the last 16 years with its head office in Pune, and an extensive sales & channel partners’ network across the country. We are committed to providing the best solutions and services to our Indian customers.

Picked our niche market and Offerings to assert its share:

Testing & measurement equipment experts, testo is well known for its advanced German technology. We analysed the situation & have always strived to develop and provide solutions that make the work simpler, better, and more reliable. The latest trends and advancements are calling for solutions that are intuitive and smart. Testo delivers exactly that & has brought transformational change in the T&M industry with an entirely new range of smart measuring products for multiple applications.

Our most innovative products include smart & networked thermographic cameras, cooking oil quality testers, cloud-based monitoring systems for environmental data, multifunction intuitive air velocity & IEQ measuring instruments, and measuring solutions like the digital food quality management system and smartphone-integrated Smart Probes.

Being a market leader in testing and measurement industry:

Testo India has spanned its presence across the nation with its home offices and representatives in all major metros and through an extensive channel partners’ network covering all corners of the country. We are committed to providing the best solutions and services to our Indian customers.

The in-house calibration lab is accredited with NABL certification. Precision and accuracy are of utmost importance while manufacturing instruments and ensure they have a long and stable running life. The NABL-certified lab ensures the same. We don’t just cater to servicing testo instruments but can help with the instrument of any make. Our after-sales services also give importance & proper customer guidance for testo instruments, including the ones that are now obsolete. We aim to support the user throughout the purchase journey and develop confidence and trust helping us to be the premium brand.

Achievements and Accolades we had along the way:

Testo India thrives on the testimonials of its customers and the large no. of solutions that we provide to our users. Adding to that, receiving a NABL certificate for the calibration lab was quite an achievement for us. Testo service & calibration facility is highly cost-effective as it delivers international standards very conveniently within a week. Instruments of any brand/make can be calibrated and serviced locally maintaining necessary standards.

The accredited parameters include Humidity, Pressure, Absolute Pressure, Contact Type Temperature, and Non-Contact Type Temperature (Infra-Red Thermometer, Thermal Imager). Ours is the First and Only Lab in India to get NABL Accreditation for Dew Point Temperature as well.

In addition, testo also has successfully developed a separate solution division that provides an end-to-end solution for the food & Pharma division. This is not only a single instrument but an entire data monitoring system to ensure the efficiency of the entire facility & includes precise sensors, advanced software, and excellent service along with consultation & guidance. Along with that, our testo 270 which is used for monitoring the TPM values of cooking oil is a well-appreciated product by FSSAI.

Testo India has completed over 16 years of service since its establishment in 2006. For the customer to experience the true value of the product, we think it is necessary to guide them on how to make full use of its features. This approach has also helped us build a very loyal customer base and was quite beneficial in spreading the word about the products and services offered by us.

Our instruments have evolved from analog to digital within a short period. This innovation has been brought about by continuous effort put in by research and development. Products now need to be innovative and need to keep up with the demand of the consumer. We have achieved customer satisfaction through continuously upgrading our products & now offer smart measuring instruments. The customers are the lifeblood of our business. Their needs impact on every aspect of our business, from product development to content marketing to sales to customer service. We strive every day to reach our full potential and will continue to do so.

The fact that we have been through all peaks of technological upheaval, like, analog to digital devices and then digital to smart devices where you can easily monitor data through your smartphone and send data reports right from your fingertips makes us extremely proud to be a witness and a partner in this. Our vision ahead is on the very same lines of continuously upgrading our existing range of products, adding on to the areas of applications that we serve, optimizing the processes, and strengthening the T&M segment.

Our definition of Success:

We aim to solve problems that hinder the efficiency of processes. Our mantra is to implement measuring solutions that on one hand can help customers save their time, energy, and money and at the same time increase their output. In short, providing the right solution & gaining customer satisfaction is a real success for us.

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Kalidas Bhangare
Managing Director
Testo India Pvt. Ltd.



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