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Building People to Build Business

Rishikesh Raval
President, Group Human Resources
and Corporate Communications
Zydus Lifesciences
underlines the need to help people realise their full potential

People are the prime movers of any business. In that sense, the key factor which makes an organisation a preferred workplace is aligning people’s growth with the organisation’s growth. Building people capabilities and giving them ample space to grow and spread their wings has always been our brand proposition at Zydus. We believe in ‘building people to build our business.

Today’s youth workforce has immense potential. ­ey are exuberant, they like challenges and are go getters. Th­ey are perhaps more exposed to the outside world than ever before. Businesses must leverage this opportunity to tap this energy. Today at Zydus, we have more than half of our workforce under the age of 35. Th­rough this outreach, not only are we providing a pedestal for youth to prove themselves, but are constantly enriching our talent pool. ­rough the years, we have created a pool of industry stalwarts. ­Their expertise channelizes the youth energy towards our organizational goals. While we entrust our youth workforce with responsibility, we also make sure that they align with our larger business objectives and our core behaviours that have shaped our organisation over the years like respect, trust, integrity and collaboration.

Upskilling has always been of immense importance, especially in today’s world where we are in the midst of ever-changing trends in terms of technology and know-how. Equally important is the thrust on digitisation as it brings speed, agility and more responsiveness. At Zydus, we also place a lot of emphasis in learning and development. Zydus has a multi-level, diverse and expansive programme which allows employees to learn, upskill, share their knowledge, at their own pace and convenience through the digital platform Zylearn. We have also collaborated with institutes of higher learning to train our talent. ­ese initiatives in L&D go a long way in enabling our people to stay ahead of the change curve and change the future of Zydus.



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