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Veronica’s review: Saved By A Sandwich!

Bandra's newest café boasts mouthwatering fare that are set to titillate the taste buds

Bandra’s best off-the-radar sandwich joint arrives with a wild splash of colours inside St. Jude’s Bakery, in a slim village lane. The latest summer opening from Hunger Inc. (joining the ranks of The Bombay Canteen, O Pedro, The Bombay Sweet Shop, simply goes way beyond just an all-day sandwich shop. Veronica’s is a happy, delicious eating and drinking adventure where you can easily take your love for the sandwich to the next level.

Arrive here for robust renditions avatars of Mumbai’s eponymous chomp, and then some, in the kombucha on tap, pet-friendly airy, interiors and plenty of wines (yes!) and lattes to choose from. Back to the stackers. Love the bread with a hole? Mrs. Mabel’s Pumpkin Bagel, a New York style chewy bagel splattered with white and black crisp sesame packs in the roast pumpkin, and cream cheese with spicy sambal. The maverick fungus delivers the punch in Taming The (Mu)Shroom Melt, arriving in a mega mushroom patty swathed in truffle cream inside the crunchy, crusty Dutch Crunch bread. Sip along the almond matcha latte as you decimate what’s on your plate. 

If your #DietCanGoToHell, go for the whopper in the Bombay Chilli Cheese Melt that arrives with golden butter crisped milk loaf, tons of cheddar cheese, jalapenos and swish of Naga hot-honey. Hits bullseye, on point.

The café is clearly the master feeder of all ye sandwiches, with whopper melty, cheesy creations to stackers high with deli meat. Worth crossing the sealink if you’re in SoBo, and navigating the grizzly traffic of the ‘burbs if you’re beyond Bandra. The sandwiches are that good. Blame the impressive kitchen pedigree of Chef Hussain Shahzad for the food renaissance here.

With purrs painted on the walls and windows in the cat neighbourhood, Veronica’s is edgy, yet cosy; buzzing yet tucked away; subtle yet saucy space tucked far away from the humdrum of the busy Bandra roads. The eatery has all the fixings for an ideal breakfast. Turkish Eggs with whipped labneh, those killer Hangover Tacos (true hangover helpers!) with bacon rashers; hot and moist Morning Momos – think chicken, cheese and spicy Sichuan drizzle; sausage rolls, choriz babka, and those gluten-free dark chocolate sea-salt cookies to munch on with your cappuccino

Wrap up with the almond mawa cake lined neatly with sticky strawberries. Here’s a place where you can sniff, slurp, and settle for hours of chatter, especially if you want to recover from the shopping coma on Hill Road

Verdict? Time and money well spent with thoughtful service, great vibe and super snacky preps

Address: Veronica’s, Waroda Road, off. Hill Road, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Average meal for two: average meal for 2 without alcohol: ₹ 1600/-; with alcohol: ₹ 2500/-


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