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Talent’s turning point: Where do we go from here?

After a year that might see the narrative of the talent story change, perhaps forever, it would be prudent to take stock of the road ahead and what it entails

Words by Urvashi Verma

Over the course of the many years in my career, which began in 2008, I have witnessed many a growth moment. One such time was when I moved to the manufacturing industry and began diving into the complexities of HR processes, such as PF, ESIS, and labor legislation. Over the years, I have essayed the role of a hardcore technical recruiter, which saw me earn acclaim as a Certified LinkedIn recruiter (a distinction shared by 300 recruiters across India), and managed teams as a recruiting lead. Nonetheless, my desire to learn led me to a smaller organization at Rovi India, where I supervised recruiting, TA programs, and university involvement.

The Rovi-Tivo-Xperi acquisition tale offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe corporate mergers and strategise merged recruiting for growth. During this time, I received a patent prize and became a spokesperson for women in the IT business, appearing on NDTV India several times.

But through all these changes, it is safe to say that 2023 saw the recruiting landscape experience a revolutionary upheaval.

As a recruitment leader, I learned of the need to practice many things earlier in my career, such as within my team. I actively promote a culture of flexibility and freedom, encouraging members to challenge norms and try new approaches. I am convinced that open communication is our most powerful tool for overcoming obstacles. It is critical to stress the importance of developing strong relationships with hiring managers and candidates, as they serve as both advocates for our recruiting successes and critical contributors to continuous improvement.

The time of recruitment is changing, and recruitment is a role that is constantly changing, Recruitment, which was originally a tactical function, has evolved into a strategic powerhouse. 

The paradigm shift is obvious, with recruitment partners now playing an important role in hiring decisions. LinkedIn’s transformative influence has streamlined the hiring process by providing targeted profiles and increased candidate experiences. Because advanced technology has reduced the number of repetitive tasks, recruiters can now play a more strategic role within firms.

Modern solutions speed up and improve the efficiency of basic screening, interview scheduling, and digital onboarding. The importance of cultural fitting and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has grown in influencing not only the workforce but society as a whole.

The architects of this transition are recruitment leaders. Companies that prioritize DEI, innovation, Learning and Development (L&D), and work-life balance outperform their competitors. In my future vision, the recruiting sector will emerge as a distinct role within corporations. People’s growth becomes directly proportionate to overall business growth.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruiting will necessitate a more planned approach. AI will enable recruiters to engage in research and innovation, promoting data-driven decision-making while reducing bias. Approaching passive applicants becomes easier, improving both the candidate and hiring manager’s experiences.

“The recruiting business is poised for even greater heights as we continue to embrace change, driven by innovation, inclusivity, and a commitment to individual and organizational success”

Recruiters are no longer regarded as passive contributors, but as strategic partners. The epidemic accelerated a shift in thinking, from job searching to pursuing a satisfactory work-life balance. As a recruiting leader, I am a great believer in cultivating growth mindsets, which contribute not only to the progress of the team but also to the overall success of the organisation.

The transition from traditional recruiter to strategic partner shows the recruitment landscape’s continuous transformation. 

Urvashi is Head of Talent Acquisition – APAC at Xperi. She is passionate about new hiring techniques and is a LinkedIn creator and public speaker with a passion to advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, and stands as an ally to create inclusive teams. Urvashi mentors for better TA techniques on LinkedIn, where she has educated over 22,000+ people.


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